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Health improvement in Belarus

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Your work doesn’t leave you time to take care of your health, and your vacation is too short to be spent on visits to doctors. From the almost forgotten folktales and legends the deep-rooted belief in the healing power of nature is becoming stronger and stronger. And the belief is not naïve: the beauty of the virgin Belarusian nature with its unique healing sources of mineral water and healing muds steadily beckons tourists.
Belarus provides exclusive conditions for the climatic therapy: the summer is drier and warmer here than the one in the West (Poland and the Baltic Sea countries), the winter is frosty and stable, and wet periods of snow melting are traditionally short.
Mineral water and healing mud are widely used in treatment courses. Belarusian mineral waters of healing power are nitrogenous.
All health resorts are located in pine woods, on banks of rivers and lakes, where the air itself already has health improving power, while Belarusian temperate - continental climate provides possibility to have vacations here all year round. Guests will appreciate comfortable accommodations, high level of medical services and excellent food. A haunt of fashion of international class became a network of health resorts located on the banks of the most beautiful lake Naroch. Both, grown-ups and children come here. There is the unique health resort in Soligorsk, where tourists have procedures in salt mines. The air there contains valuable microelements that have positive impact on lungs. If you wish, in almost all health resort you may order not only traditional medical procedures, baths and massages, mud and mineral water therapies, but also genuine health-improving programs such as "Healthy spine", "Anti-cellulites", "Men’s health" and many others.
Then Belarusian health resorts invite you to improve your health and recuperate and at the same time have an excellent vacation.


5 Октября 2018
Скоро уже рождество и новый год! Самое время выбрать где и как встречать эти праздники.
4 Июня 2018
5-9 июня в Минске пройдёт выставка "Белагро-2018"

8 Сентября 2017
Новинка на рынке промышленного туризма!
Уникальные экскурсии на крупнейший завод в Европе по производству изысканных ювелирных украшений.

23 Февраля 2017
Агентство «Минск-Новости» предоставило информацию о том, сколько стоит иностранцу тур по Беларуси.
22 Декабря 2016
Стоимость минских отелей снизилась на 20%.